Moroccan Tile Colors

It's all about rich color variations and true craftsmanship when it comes to handmade Moroccan Zellij, Zellige tiles.  

Below are our standard colors which create a ray of colors and rich color ranges. Color variations and imperfections add to the charm of this centuries old art tile making tradition and techniques  Alhambra, Granada, Spain as well as Fez, Morocco witness extensive use of handmade Zellij in palaces and residences.  Despite the cease of producing these tiles in Sevilla and Granada in the same traditional way and techniques, Fez triumphs when it comes to preserving this ancestral art. We still make our tiles the same and it does take time to make and we do appreciate your patience during the process.  We strive to sustain this art by sustaining artisans in Fez and your patronage is appreciated