Plan My Project

It's all about timing!

Timing is essential when it comes to handmade Moroccan tile projects.  If you plan ahead of time, you will benefit from the freedom of customizing your tiles, planning your project properly and will also avoid high express shipping costs since ocean freight is more environmentally friendly than air shipping. 

Realistic timeline = 2 weeks for project planning which is often dismissed by most + 2 to 6 weeks for production + 1 week for crating and to book shipping + 1 to 12 weeks shipping time + 1 week installation time

  • Phase one: 

Check your project schedule.  

Time required for selecting designs and colors usually takes at least a few weeks

Production timeline varies between 2 to 4 weeks for loose tiles and 4 to 6 weeks for assembled mosaics

Crating, packing, logistics takes around one week

Check holidays in Morocco 

  • Phase two: 

Contact us with your project requirements to check budget, timing, order samples etc. Develop a project schedule with expected production dates, transit timeline and installation time, review and approve adequate budget

  • Phase three:

Place your order and prepare project site, research for skilled tile setters in your area 

Transit timeline is 7 to 10 days for express air shipments and 12 weeks or more for ocean freight which is a lot cheaper and more convenient especially for quantity over 70 square feet.


Estimated timeline for most orders is 6 weeks.  Unforeseen delays may extend the lead time and we cannot be held responsible.  Please plan ahead to avoid delays. 

We are is not responsible for quantities ordered. Verify with your contractor before ordering since we cannot guarantee color matching from shipment to shipment. 

Samples may vary in color, shape, size and texture from the actual order received. 

Any imperfections or shade variations are considered natural and add to the charm of handmade products. 

The range of acceptability of all tile is determined by My Moroccan Tile and our sister company in Maroc Architecture et Zellij LLC. 

Claims due to damage during shipping should be made within 24 hours of receipt directly with the carrier by the client or his representative.  Claim# and copies of delivery slip along with photos are a must to file a claim.  Do not dispose of packaging/crating. No refunds are offered due to damage. All we can do is replace broken tile.

All orders are payable in full and in advance unless otherwise specified. All balances must be paid in full prior to delivery. 

All sales are final. No returns will be accepted due to the handmade nature of our 

products and there are no refunds on orders.